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We live in a global age in which one act, whether it is political, economic, religious, or cultural, can have a worldwide impact. Our futures are now interconnected, and it will take the cooperation of all segments of society to live in harmony with one another. Hans Küng, a world renowned scholar and friend of Oman, has said there will be “no peace between nations unless there is peace between religions.” This is the reality of the world in which we live and the need to which Al Amana Centre is responding.

The Centre’s work arises out of a legacy of over one hundred years of interfaith cooperation.
In 1893 the Reformed Church in America (RCA) arrived in Oman and began medical and educational initiatives. These only succeeded because it was a collaborative effort with the people of Oman and those from many other nationalities and faiths who worked side by side to serve the needs of the entire community. With the development of the country, this work came to an end but a new vision emerged to respond to the challenges of today’s world. It was then that the RCA partnered with others to create an ecumenical center that would use this legacy to work internationally to build bridges of understanding and cooperation between religions to work for the common good of all. The Centre now works with religious, civic, and governmental leaders to develop programs that allow people to learn about each other, from each other.

Oman’s openness, tolerance, and hospitality make it an ideal place to introduce international guests to the history and practice of Islam in Oman. It is a catalyst to shed misinformed stereotypes and develop an appreciation for the peace-loving and peaceful nature of the culture and religion of the land, as well as allow international guests to represent the many people of good faith who want to cooperate for the common good.

Experiences like these are needed because we live in a time where sound bites determine attitudes and dispositions towards other religions more than dialogue and exchange with one another. The media also tends to focus on extreme viewpoints, and thus a platform is needed for moderate and irenic voices so that a few fanatics do not speak for all.

With the Centre’s Christian heritage and relationship with Oman, the primary focus has been Muslim-Christian relations, but the hope is that it will inspire positive relations and cooperation amongst all religions. One-half of the world’s population is comprised of Muslims and Christians, and the current crucible for these relationships is the Middle East. Therefore, positive initiatives here have a global effect and provide a path of dialogue and coexistence that others may follow.

To accomplish this, the Centre:
develops programs to help international guests understand and appreciate Arab culture, tradition, and religion; and cooperates with Muslim leaders to support their interfaith and intercultural initiatives on peaceful coexistence.
pursues opportunities for cooperation that contribute to the common good of the communities in which we live. Dialogue and cooperation are no longer a luxury. It is an imperative incumbent upon all of us so that we can live in peace with one another. Our work is just beginning, and we invite you to join with us to make a difference.

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