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Christianity and Islam are the two largest religions in the world making up over half of the global population. Christians and Muslims coexist in nearly every country of the world. Christian leaders must be well equipped to lead their congregations in appropriate relations with their Muslim neighbors.

The Association of Theological Schools (ATS), the accrediting agency for 270 Mainline Protestant Seminaries in the US has recently added interfaith competency as a requirement for accreditation of Master of Divinity programs.

MDiv education shall engage students with the global character of the church as well as ministry in the multifaith and multicultural context of contemporary society. This should include attention to the wide diversity of religious traditions present in potential ministry settings. (ATS Educational and Degree Program Standards, p. G 40).

In partnership with the seminaries listed below Al Amana Centre provides intensive courses in Christian-Muslim relations, Scriptural Reasoning and dialogue. If your seminary or higher education institution would like to partner with Al Amana Centre, please contact us at info@alamanacentre.org

Hartford Seminary : www.hartsem.edu

Students at Hartford Seminary take programs in each of the Abrahamic faiths. They train as leaders within their own faith traditions and are uniquely prepared to help their congregations and communities to more effectively relate to the multifaith world in which we live. Al Amana Centre runs programsfor Hartford seminary in Oman, introducing students to inter-religious dialogue in the context of a Muslim-majority nation. Hartford Seminary also publishes The Muslim World, a world-renown academic journal devoted to the study of Islam and Christian-Muslim relations. http://www.hartsem.edu/macdonald/muslim-world-journal

New Brunswick Theological Seminary : www.nbts.edu

The Al Amana Centre is a legacy institution born out of over a century of medical and educational work in Oman funded by the Reformed Church in America. Two graduates of New Brunswick Theological Seminary, Rev. Samuel Zwemer and Rev. James Cantine, were the first RCA personnel sent to Oman to begin this humanitarian work in the 1890’s. In this regard, New Brunswick Theological Seminary is the oldest partner institution of the Al Amana Centre.

Western Theological Seminary : www.westernsem.edu

Al Amana Centre has offered programs for students of Western Theological Seminary including Cultural immersion trips, courses in Muslim-Christian relations, and Journey Learning groups.

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