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What are the visa formalities?
For US and EU citizens, a one month visit visa is available on arrival.
Visas direct link to the ROP website:

What is the dress code?
There is no law for dress, but one needs to be culturally sensitive. The simple rule for women to follow is to cover shoulders and knees. Avoid figure hugging T-shirts or leggings although loose trousers may be worn together with a long top, i.e., below the hip. Do not wear shorts, sleeveless T-shirts or strapless tops when walking in public places. Men should wear short or long sleeved shirts and long trousers in public.

Worship Facilities
Islam is the state religion, and there are many mosques located throughout the country. There are four sites for Christian worship encompassing the broad spectrum of denominations. In addition, there are two Hindu temples and a Sikh gurdwara.

Is it necessary to know Arabic?
No. Although knowledge of Arabic is useful, English is widely spoken and most signs are in Arabic and English.

Is there an effective public transportation system?
There is a public bus transport system; however, most people have their own vehicles. Taxis are readily available and are reasonably priced.

What inoculation / health precautions need to be taken?
There are no required inoculations for travel to Oman. However, see the Center for Disease Control website ( ) for further information.

Are suitable medical facilities available?
Yes. Oman has very good private and government clinics and hospitals in the Capital and Interior.

220-240 volts at 50 cycles AC. Electrical installations in Oman conform to British standards.

110V (US) Appliances
Many hair appliances / shavers are 110/220 switchable and can be used with an appropriate "plug adapter." Most appliances from the US can be used with an appropriate transformer.

The Work Week
In Oman the work week is Sunday to Thursday. Friday is a day of rest and banks, government departments, offices and many shops are closed.

Greenwich Mean Time plus 4 hours. There is no "Daylight Saving Time."

Computer Access
A desktop computer is available at the Centre for checking mail, typing reports, etc., and wireless internet access is available.

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