Is an ecumenical and interfaith organization built upon the legacy of over 130 years of Christians working with their Muslim hosts and neighbors from different faiths represented in Oman.

We live in a global age in which one act, whether it is political, economic, religious, or cultural, can have a worldwide impact. Our futures are now interconnected, and it will take the cooperation of all segments of society to live in harmony with one another.

Hans Küng, a world renowned scholar and friend of Oman, has said there will be “no peace between nations unless there is peace between religions.” This is the reality of the world in which we live and the need to which Al Amana Centre is responding.

Read more about our work and achievements from our Annual Report 2020.

Our Vision

People of faith building trust, mutual understanding, and sustainable peace in their communities.

Our Mission

Al Amana Centre provides safe spaces, diverse encounters, and engaging methodologies for people of faith to build sustainable peace.

Our Values

  1. We seek to be peacemakers: In a world where some would use religion as a rationale for violence and conflict, we seek to embrace faith and religion as instruments for peace.
  2. We welcome the stranger as a neighbor: There is a deep tradition within many sacred religious texts that teaches that hospitality is one of the highest virtues and should be extended to those both near to us and those who are unfamiliar to us.
  3. We love those who challenge our beliefs, or with whom we have conflict, and we celebrate religious difference: We believe that difference of religious beliefs should not be a cause of conflict. Instead, through mutual love, understanding, and celebration of religious difference we can be examples for others to follow in building peace in their communities where religious difference is present.
  4. We promote tolerance as a first step but strive for mutual understanding and reconciliation: Tolerance of each other may prevent violence, but sustainable peace is fostered when people understand their differences and choose to reconcile past conflicts for the purpose of creating new opportunities for peace within a diverse community.

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