Al Amana Centre Appoints new Board Members and Officers

In its fall meeting, held in hybrid from November 30 – Dec 1 2021, Al Amana Centre Board of Directors have appointed Dr. Agnes Aboum from Kenya and Rev. Juha Rintamäki of Finland to serve as new board members on Al Amana Centre Board for a three-year-term 2021-2024.

Dr. Agnes Aboum from the Anglican Church of Kenya, is currently serving the World Council of Churches as its Moderator. She is the first African and the first female to hold the position. Prior to this appointment she served as African President for the WCC. She has worked with All Africa Conference of Churches, African Council of Religious Leaders (ACRL) / Religions for Peace, and National Council of Churches of Kenya. In the academic field, she has earned her doctorate in missiology with the thesis “The Role of Non-Governmental Organizations in Development”. Currently she is the executive director of the organization TAABCO Research and Development Consultants, based in Nairobi.

Rev. Juha Rintamäki, from the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland, is the Director of the Lutheran Parish Union of Helsinki (overseeing 20 Lutheran congregations that contain 350 000 members). He is on the Board of many Christian organisations and NGOs, most working on a societal level with a civil focus. He has also been a driving force for setting up TILA, the Interfaith dialogue Center in Finland in collaboration with Al Amana Centre. Previously he worked as a senior advisor on cultural and religious affairs for the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture and as the Director of the Seaman’s Mission of Finland in London.

The meeting also marked the end of service of two long-serving Al Amana Board members, Rev. Ken Bradsell of the Reformed Church of America (Chairperson of Al Amana Centre Board) and Rev. Dr. Bill Schwartz of the Anglican Communion (Vice-Chairperson). Both have served for a long time in endeavours for interfaith work and peaceful coexistence in the Gulf. Their input for the success of Al Amana Centre has been vital over the last six years. Their input was appreciated and Al Amana Centre is thankful for their services.

With the end of Revs. Bradsell and Schwartz’s terms of service, Al Amana Centre Board appointed Rev. Jeff Japinga (Reformed Church of America) as the Chairperson and Mrs. Martine Miller (International Center for Religion and Diplomacy) as the Vice-Chairperson of the Board.

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