An insight into the work of Melissa Bos

Trauma Healing
In Oman we have four active facilitators of Healing Groups using the Trauma Healing Institute’s materials (see for more information).  One group was administered via zoom in February and another zoom-based group in April.  We also hope to offer a training in the fall for those who wish to become facilitators of this tool.

We connect with other facilitators in the Gulf Region for trainings, webinars, and Community Practice sessions.  We are also supporting the Trauma Healing Groups in South Africa, which started through sessions in Oman.

Ecumenical Council for Charity
ECC meets quarterly by zoom to review needs in the community and resources available.  We are looking to shift our collaborations from supplying money for needs to connecting resources with need directly.  This has already happened with the annual Christmas Joy project.  In the past, Christmas Joy received monies from business to provide a program and meal to guests from the lower migrant working group.  This year church groups were asked to put together food and toiletry packets and then send representatives to help pass them out in a specified migrant community.

We continue to add to the collection of interfaith and religious books at Al Amana Centre.  The general collection is on the ground floor of the guest house.  The Scudder Collection is kept in the office.  One of our current volunteers, is helping to label the Scudder Collection.  This summer we will have two volunteers from the USA come to further help with cataloguing and labeling both collections.  You can view what has been catalogued thus far at

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