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Recovering from Cyclone Shaheen

Last week Oman braced for the impact Cyclone Shaheen. Initially, it was predicted to hit Muscat head on, but veered north and hit the coastline about an hour west of Muscat in an area called Suwaiq. But before making landfall, for 20 hours or so, Muscat received consistent heavy rain and winds. Streets were flooded, […]

A reflection for the Feast of St. Francis – October 4

In my travels across the United States this summer, it struck me how Christians are caring but also confused and fearful.  They want to be loving but have been left with the impression that Muslims and persons of other religions are strangers and possibly dangerous.  The problem is not new and neither is the danger […]

Discovering Dialogue

As we climbed up a wadi, scrambling over boulders and avoiding the spiky bushes, my friend asked me more about my work at Al Amana Centre. I told her that I had been praying about starting a Scriptural Reasoning (SR) group with women in Muscat. My friend replied, “Two Muslim ladies from our hiking group might […]

Freedom of Religion and Belief

Recently, while working on a Freedom of Religion and Belief project with www.interfaithphotovoice.org, with people from 5 continents, a theme began to appear. Generally, people from the global North and West, when asked to share pictures about faith in their context, showed pictures without people. They showed pictures of church buildings, and in one case […]

Muslim and Christian Students Share Holy Scriptures

This season of Covid-19 social distancing and virtual learning often poses a challenge to connecting in our own communities, not to mention with people from across the world. Recognizing the need for interpersonal and intercultural engagement, Calvin University history professor, Frans van Liere, partnered with Al Amana Centre to develop an online Scriptural Reasoning course. […]

Changes at Al Amana Centre

One year ago, we dropped off our last in-person group off at the airport to return to the USA. They returned to the U.S. not sure how this growing pandemic would affect their schooling when it restarted after their spring break. The next week, as the airport here in Oman was shutting down, my family […]

Exciting times ahead by Aaro Rytkonen

Facebook is reminding you always about different anniversaries. This spring I have been reminded many times about my and my family’s time in the US in spring 2017. Four years ago I was in a deep learning curve to get to know supporting churches in the US as well as the work of Al Amana […]

Al Amana Centre Library Development

There are no visitors at Al Amana Centre (AAC) due to pandemic restrictions, yet one physical program is still underway.  The Al Amana Centre Library continues to be developed, and we hope that by the time guests once again stay at the Centre in Muttrah, the Library will be ready to be enjoyed.   Over the […]