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Why Al Amana Centre & Hope College Students Talk About Their Experiences in Oman

  Why Al Amana Centre The world needs its people of faith to build sustainable Peace/Salam/Shalom that de-escalates violence and promotes mutual understanding and respect. There are few places in the world with the unique history, context, and geography to create a space for relationship among Muslims, Christians, and other religions in a way that promotes tolerance, mutual understanding […]

Why Al Amana Centre

  Why Al Amana Centre It is easy to describe who we are and what we do. Recently we have been asking ourselves why. Why Al Amana Centre? Why Oman? Why support Al Amana Centre? Why are we still here and invested? Here are some of the answers we have discerned over the last few […]

The Latest News From Al Amana Centre

  From Legacy to the Future This summer Al Amana Centre, in partnership with the Reformed Church in America Global Mission, gathered together in Holland with people curious about the status and future of Al Amana Centre. In attendance were many “children” of the mission, or children of people who served in the Arabian Mission. […]

The Latest News from Al Amana Centre

The Latest News From Al Amana Centre Al Amana Centre Newsletters are back after a long hiatus. Since Covid-19 it has been a challenging time with staff transitions, uncertainty about what the world would look like post-Covid, and new opportunities presented for Al Amana Centre to pursue. Over the next few newsletters, we will be […]