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An insight into the work of Melissa Bos

Trauma HealingIn Oman we have four active facilitators of Healing Groups using the Trauma Healing Institute’s materials (see traumahealingbasics.org for more information).  One group was administered via zoom in February and another zoom-based group in April.  We also hope to offer a training in the fall for those who wish to become facilitators of this tool. We […]

The Past Six Months at Al Amana Centre

From the beginning of 2022, Al Amana Centre has been leading courses with in-person, online, and hybrid programing.  Work on each of the programs is outlined below: Shoulder to ShoulderAl Amana partnered with a joint CRCNA-RCA team to organize Faith over Fear trainings to counter Islamophobia in Grand Rapids, MI and Orange City, IA during […]

Al Amana Centre Appoints new Board Members and Officers

In its fall meeting, held in hybrid from November 30 – Dec 1 2021, Al Amana Centre Board of Directors have appointed Dr. Agnes Aboum from Kenya and Rev. Juha Rintamäki of Finland to serve as new board members on Al Amana Centre Board for a three-year-term 2021-2024. Dr. Agnes Aboum from the Anglican Church […]

Visiting TV Program in Nigeria

Despite the pandemic, Al Amana Centre has continued its partnership and collaboration with Nigerian pastors and imams. Faith communities have been working hard during the last year and a half overcoming the global pandemic including sharing correct information about the virus. One part of this work has been a weekly television show on national Nigerian […]

Al Amana Centre Stronger than ever

As many organisations and entities have been struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic, Al Amana Centre has been able to refresh its program and approach to work for trust and peace over the last year and a half in a way that we are programmatically stronger than ever. Before the COVID-19 pandemic Al Amana Centre was […]

Recovering from Cyclone Shaheen

Last week Oman braced for the impact Cyclone Shaheen. Initially, it was predicted to hit Muscat head on, but veered north and hit the coastline about an hour west of Muscat in an area called Suwaiq. But before making landfall, for 20 hours or so, Muscat received consistent heavy rain and winds. Streets were flooded, […]

A reflection for the Feast of St. Francis – October 4

In my travels across the United States this summer, it struck me how Christians are caring but also confused and fearful.  They want to be loving but have been left with the impression that Muslims and persons of other religions are strangers and possibly dangerous.  The problem is not new and neither is the danger […]

Al Amana Centre looks to the future

With new Mission, Vision and Values statement Oman is opening up to the outside world again. We are looking forward to welcoming you to Oman and joining us for programs, for encounters with people of various faith traditions, or even just to come and find a restful retreat in the amazing country we call home, […]

Making a Difference might mean Mixing up your Methodologies

My first encounter with interfaith dialogue occurred many years ago at an event I created and coordinated. I remember listening a Muslim woman, same age as me, a mother and professional teacher, sharing about her faith and values in front of an audience of mostly Lutheran Christians and other citizens of the town she was […]

Trust is a Building Block for Joint Action

Al Amana Centre has been described as a Christian-based interfaith dialogue centre. That is our essence. However, as we look deeper, it would be misleading to talk only about dialogue in a narrow sense. Even if we consider dialogue as a focused and intentional conversation, in which people from different backgrounds may come together to […]