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Al Amana Centre Stronger than ever

As many organisations and entities have been struggling with the COVID-19 pandemic, Al Amana Centre has been able to refresh its program and approach to work for trust and peace over the last year and a half in a way that we are programmatically stronger than ever. Before the COVID-19 pandemic Al Amana Centre was […]

Al Amana Centre looks to the future

With new Mission, Vision and Values statement Oman is opening up to the outside world again. We are looking forward to welcoming you to Oman and joining us for programs, for encounters with people of various faith traditions, or even just to come and find a restful retreat in the amazing country we call home, […]

Making a Difference might mean Mixing up your Methodologies

My first encounter with interfaith dialogue occurred many years ago at an event I created and coordinated. I remember listening a Muslim woman, same age as me, a mother and professional teacher, sharing about her faith and values in front of an audience of mostly Lutheran Christians and other citizens of the town she was […]

Trust is a Building Block for Joint Action

Al Amana Centre has been described as a Christian-based interfaith dialogue centre. That is our essence. However, as we look deeper, it would be misleading to talk only about dialogue in a narrow sense. Even if we consider dialogue as a focused and intentional conversation, in which people from different backgrounds may come together to […]

Experiencing Interfaith Photovoice for the first time

Gratitude sparked Confidence and Hope It has been a month since I started as a FELM Volunteer at the Al Amana Centre in Oman. Due to the pandemic, I have been working remotely from my home in the countryside in Finland. I have seen Oman only in pictures and Al Amana Centre´s devoted staff only […]

Links to Symposium on Women’s Voices

In December 2020, we helped host a symposium featuring women from around the world. I had religious leaders, artists, and peacebuilders what is bringing them hope and what healing feels like in thier context. Here are the links to the two days of the conference:

Sand Art

Late last year we commissioned a piece of sand art from a local Omani artist, Shaima Al Mughairi, asking for her to show what gives her hope and what healing feels like in this time of COVID-19. Here it is. Enoy and hopefully be inspired:

Online Library Catalogue

While the Centre remains closed for now, you can browse the library catalog, which includes some pretty interesting older books and current books on subjects such as interfaith. The catalog is available here.We invite you to become a patron so that when we are able to physically be at the Centre again, you can check out the […]