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Online Library Catalogue

While the Centre remains closed for now, you can browse the library catalog, which includes some pretty interesting older books and current books on subjects such as interfaith. The catalog is available here.We invite you to become a patron so that when we are able to physically be at the Centre again, you can check out the […]

Pope Francis in Abu Dhabi

February 3-5, 2019 Pope Francis will make a historic visit to the UAE. We at Al Amana Centre congratulate Pope Francis and the UAE and celebrate we celebrate that Muslims and Christians can meet together in peace and friendship. We also celebrate with the thousands of Catholic brothers and sisters who call the Gulf their […]

Zanzibar Trip by Laurel Pals

ZANZIBAR TRIP by LAUREL PALS   The Oman/Zanzibar tour began with a visit to the Al Amana Center in Muscat, Oman.  Muslim and Christian leaders from Zanzibar, Kenya, and Denmark briefly toured some of Oman’s most noteworthy spots, while we shared presentations on our work and ministries.  After a couple days we loaded our eclectic […]