Safe Spaces. Sacred Trust.

Al Amana Centre fosters peace and reconciliation through safe, immersive, interfaith experiences.

Uniquely Positioned

Oman’s global position offers the safety, accessibility, and invitation required for meaningful connections between diverse groups.

Immersive & Interfaith

Relevant, adaptable, immersive content builds bridges and fosters understanding.

Safe & Welcoming

Al Amana means sacred trust in Arabic. Those two words are foundational to everything we do.

Reverberating Results

Our work equips small groups whose influence ripples out into their communities and among global leaders.

Building Bridges

Stories of interfaith connection and transformation.

Why Al Amana Centre

  Why Al Amana Centre It is easy to describe who…

What participants are saying:

I really appreciate Al Amana Centre. I think it’s the best platform for interfaith harmony between all religions and faith leaders.

-Pakistani Program Participant

In Egypt, interfaith meetings would not be possible as our own people would be suspicious of our meeting with “the other side.” However we can meet here in Oman, outside the constraints of our home communities.

– Muslim-Egyptian Program Participant

I will never treat the minority religion the same way now that I have experienced living as a religious minority.

– American Pastor, Program Participant

When I came to Oman I saw Muslims as objects to be converted. Now I see them as subjects to be loved.

– American Student Volunteer

Methods that Meet the Moment

Al Amana Centre provides relevant, adaptable programming on a wide range of topics to build bridges and foster peace between faith communities.

Bring your group to Oman.

We welcome people from all faiths on the path to peace.