The Past Six Months at Al Amana Centre

From the beginning of 2022, Al Amana Centre has been leading courses with in-person, online, and hybrid programing.  Work on each of the programs is outlined below:

Shoulder to Shoulder
Al Amana partnered with a joint CRCNA-RCA team to organize Faith over Fear trainings to counter Islamophobia in Grand Rapids, MI and Orange City, IA during March.  Rev Jeffrey Bos helped guide these initiatives and supervised interns working to plan the events.

African Council for Religious Leaders (ACRL)
Currently we are offering Peer-to-Peer programs but will soon branch out into other programs and collaborations. This is being implemented in collaboration with the #reconciliation program which is funded through the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Lutheran World Fellowship (LWF)
In collaboration with their interfaith team, Al Amana co-hosted a webinar on youth and interfaith with Lutheran World Fellowship. More than 120 people attended the webinar. Rev Aaro Rytkonen hosted it together with LWF a staff member.

Scriptural Reasoning (SR)
Al Amana is hosting SR sessions in June that bring together students and faculty from Calvin University in Grand Rapids, MI and Al Azhar University in Cairo.  This is part of an online course that Jeffrey Is teaching in Muslim-Christian Engagement and Learning.

Interfaith Photovoice
Rev Justin Meyers is planning several projects on Interfaith Photovoice.

Al Amana Centre has welcomed several volunteers over the past six months working in diverse areas including maintenance, communication, landscaping and library cataloguing.

Church Groups
We already have two church groups scheduled and expect several more as travel increases.

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