Visiting TV Program in Nigeria

Despite the pandemic, Al Amana Centre has continued its partnership and collaboration with Nigerian pastors and imams. Faith communities have been working hard during the last year and a half overcoming the global pandemic including sharing correct information about the virus. One part of this work has been a weekly television show on national Nigerian television and this show has been led by the director of Al Amana partner organization, SDDC, imam Shefiu. He has had two or three local guests to speak about an important topic and then he has had an international guest joining via zoom. Al Amana Centre has been present on the program four times as both Justin and Aaro have been participating twice. In the programs we have been speaking about the role of religion in building reconciliation, the importance of religious actors in fighting corruption as well as many other topics. It is important to note that there are a number of topics which are linked into the role of religious actors in building peace and reconciliation.

Aaro joining a Nigerian television program via zoom
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