Why Al Amana Centre


Why Al Amana Centre

It is easy to describe who we are and what we do. Recently we have been asking ourselves why.

Why Al Amana Centre?

Why Oman?

Why support Al Amana Centre?

Why are we still here and invested? Here are some of the answers we have discerned over the last few months:

  • The world needs its people of faith to build sustainable Peace/Salam/Shalom that de-escalates violence and promotes mutual understanding and respect.
  • There are few places in the world with the unique history, context, and geography to create a space for relationship among Muslims, Christians, and other religions in a way that promotes tolerance, mutual understanding and empathy, reconciliation and Shalom/Salam.
  • Increased religious understanding and literacy is possible through experiential learning and proximity with those with diverse religious experiences.

There are other organizations and places where this can happen, but the context of Al Amana Centre combined with the context of Oman, offer opportunities that are hard to find any where else.  And the solutions to the problems identified in the last newsletter can be found in the location of Oman and in the space and programs of Al Amana Centre.

What we understand we can offer the world is:

  • A Global Context: The context and culture of Oman creates a unique space for interfaith dialogue and sustained peace as the Crossroads of East and West. Oman is one of the most religiously and culturally diverse places in the world and Al Amana Centre has the capacity to gather people together in a unique and powerful way.
  • A Place for Relationship: Al Amana Centre creates a tangible place that makes relationships across religious and cultural differences possible. As an international NGO placed in Oman, the Centre provides a healthy and safe place for connecting across differences.
  • A Path from Tolerance toward Salam/Shalom: Through short-term and long-term experiential learning experiences, the Centre provides transformative learning that helps participants journey on a path from tolerance to mutual understanding, empathy toward respect and reconciliation that leads to Peace/Shalom/Salam.

From here on out, these newsletters will primarily share stories of our programs and participants as we explore how we are fulfilling our WHY and help you to imagine ways to engage with your community as we work for Peace/Salam/Shalom wherever God has placed us.


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